Musician Profile


A powerful driving force, Andy is the backbone of The Floaters. His ability to hold the show together has been honed over many years playing a variety of styles in a multitude of settings. With a bass sound that always draws compliments, he excels equally with laid back blues or frantic rock. Voice of an angel? decide.


After retiring as a professional session drummer in 2001, Lee was bitten by the rhythm bug again five years later when he first stepped in with The Floaters. His metronome like time keeping, coupled with his natural flair and precision make him one of the most consistent drummers on the circuit. A drummer who sings lead there's a thing.


A true guitar virtuoso, Terry has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years. Renowned as one of the area's 'must see' musicians, his playing is always as outstanding as it is subtle. His ability to know when to crank it up and when to hold it back make him one of the most dynamic players you will ever witness. But can he sing? bet he can.